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Bitcoin price forecast by month in 2017

Bitcoin forecast

Cryptosilk decided to share the future of Bitcoin’s price for the rest of 2017 months. At the moment Bitcoin’s price is $4200 (August 24th). So, let’s see what is the future price of Bitcoin: 2017 September 1st: ±$4500 2017 October 1st: ±$4700 2017 November 1st: ±$3800 2017 December 1st: ±$5500 2018 January 1st: ±$6000 Let’s […]

HBO offered $250k in bitcoins for hackers


HBO suffering from important information leaks. Hackers stole unreleased episodes of Game of Thrones and other popular series. They also stole some important strategy information which costs a lot. Hackers asked around $8 million USD (it’s half their annual income). HBO doesn’t want to play their games, but considering to pay $250k in bitcoins to […]

Bitcoin price: first time reaches $4000

BTC 4000

On sunny weekend cryptocurrency markets didn’t sleep, they were in action and Bitcoin trade was in all time high. On 13th of August Bitcoin crossed $4000 and reached all times high $4208.39 with $69,4 billion market capitalization.

Why cryptocurrency is the future of payments?

Future currency

In this article i will review some main keys, why cryptocurrency is the future of payments. First is Blockchain. Second, this is digital currency, not paper or polymer notes. Third, this is peer-to-peer, which is why transactions goes between users directly. Fourth, it’s open source. Fifth, community and votes. Most popular cryptocurrency at the moment […]